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Dinner Recipes

Pizza, pasta, mash, noodles & more!

Tandoori almond yoghurt tofu

Seasoned tofu with rice noodles, spring onion & sesame seeds. 20 mins

Mac N' Cheese

Macaroni & cheese with a thick creamy sauce. 20 mins

Chicken fajita wraps

Mexican style chicken fajita wraps with salsa, lettuce & mayo. 20 mins

Margherita pizza

A traditional Italian style thin crust pizza. 20 mins

Golden fried rice

"A simple but very tasty dish. Enjoy as a meal on it's own or as a side with your favourite curry." 25 mins

Veggie chili burritos

Get your tortillas out and fill them with our veggie chili recipe! 20 mins

Franks REDHOT wedges

Like your food spicy? Then give these wedges a go! Made with Franks REDHOT! 50 mins

English Sausage & mash

Traditional English sausage & mash with homemade mushroom & onion gravy. 26 mins

Marmite & mozzarella pizza

Like Marmite? Like pizza? Try a MARMITE PIZZA! 30

Four cheese pizza

Cheese, cheese, cheese & more cheese! You guessed it, a simple to make four cheese, thin crust pizza. 20 mins

Spicy Asian style noodles

A simple spicy noodle dish with chinese five spice, gingner & soy sauce. 25 mins

Chickpea & butterbean curry

A simple to make rich flavoured curry dish. 25 mins

Tandoori coconut curry

A seriously tasty, rich in flavour curry with creamy coconut texture sauce. 30 mins

Chipotle Curry

Super hot Chipotle curry. One for the hot heads! 30 mins

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