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Breakfast & Brunch Recipes

Pancakes, tofu scramble, cheese grills, smoothies and more!

Simple sausage panini

A nice and easy quick breakfast or lunchtime snack. 25 mins

Traditional English fry up

A simple take on the classic traditional English fry up. 30 mins

Cheese stuffed croissants

A simple take on the classic croissant with layers of cheese. 15 mins

Marmite & houmous Combo!

A crazy easy vegan snack idea, Marmite & houmous on toast!05 mins

Classic pancakes with syrup

Pancakes! Stack em' as high as you can! 15 mins

Avocado bagels

A quick breakfast snack or burnchtime meal to go, a simple bagel topped with ripe avocado. 10 mins

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